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For as long as I can remember, I've always dreamed of being a superhero like the ones on the big screen. They always have phenomenal abilities and powers beyond belief but most importantly, they always got the girl. Unfortunately, reality hit, superpowers don't really exist, and I never got the girl. We can't be the heroes on the big screen, but we all can do some small part to make a difference in our world. And of course occasionally dressing up like our favorite cape crusaders. We donate 10% of an item’s sales with a specific charity associated with it. As the business grows, we would love to expand our efforts and be more impactful in society. We believe that huge corporations and companies can do so much more for this world, but fail to do so because of greed. We want to break out of that shell and be like the selfless heroes we all aspire to be. Remember, not all heroes wear capes...